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As with any thriving town or village, it’s the people that will form the beating heart of Northstowe. The community is already integrating with neighbouring towns and villages contributing to life right across Cambridgeshire, and will continue to do so as the development grows.

Northstowe will have its own unique community. Friends and families drawn together around the reality of town life with all the amenities and facilities they could need on their doorstep.





As well as being a great place for people to call home, Northstowe will provide for a mixed and balanced community with an accent on health and wellbeing. The new town has been planned to provide great spaces for formal and informal recreation in both sport and play. Landscape architects Randall Thorp have been brought on-board to look at the design of the five play areas planned across Phase 1 of Northstowe. Find out more here.

NHS England is providing continued funding for a ‘Healthy New Town’ programme over the next 2 years and work has been commissioned to look at the accommodation needs of older people.

As new residents move in, planners are funding a council community engagement officer to help new residents settle in to their homes and integrate with the nearby existing communities.