MARCH 2019

  • There are now over 300 homes occupied at Northstowe.

  • The Education Campus construction has begun. In the video you can see the Secondary school and Special Educational Needs facilities taking shape ready for opening in September 2019. These are constructed with Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) a high-quality engineered material that is also environmentally sustainable.

  • The lakes have been dug and are starting to fill with water. Green areas will start to be planted soon.

  • Homes England have begun construction of their new office just off Rampton Road which will also be used for community events in the future.

  • The link road which will connect Northstowe to the A14 is advancing rapidly.


Still from drone footage filmed in October 2018 of the Northstowe development.

Still from drone footage filmed in October 2018 of the Northstowe development.

A temporary footpath to the Guided Bus Park and Ride site has been created and infrastructure work to unlock phase 2 and 3 is well under way, with a 4.5km access road being built to link Northstowe directly to the improved A14.

Work has now started on the secondary school which will open in September 2019 and an 8 hectare parcel of land has been prepared for the next phase of 400 homes.

Two new drainage ponds are being dug; these will hold the same amount of water as 30 Olympic sized swimming pools and will be great facilities for residents to enjoy nature. Additionally badgers have been successfully relocated to a brand new sett as part of the works.

This drone footage shot in October 2018 shows the progress being made at the Northstowe development.


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