a new creative quarter for cambridgeshire


In Northstowe Town Centre you will be able to live in a thriving community, to start a business, to grow a business, learn and have fun.

The proposals Homes England are presenting are at an early stage - we haven’t identified any brands of shop or employers who will be based in the town centre yet. We will come back in the future with more detail on this.

This stage is all about asking the community - existing residents, future residents and business in the area (YOU!) about the personality of the place you want to live in or visit and how buildings and spaces are laid out to feel interesting, welcoming and fun.

It’s an exciting stage. We are coming to you early in the process so that you can help shape the future!

We think that creating a town centre focussed on creativity, opportunities for play and encouraging growing businesses, will give people something different to what is on offer in Cambridge or in the local villages. We want to complement our neighbouring city and village centres, not compete with them.

Please take a look at the material that Homes England and its consultants have prepared.

View the explainer boards HERE

The Strategy lays out principles for the future development of the town centre. These are designed to be flexible so that the town centre can adapt over its lifetime.

The plan below is one possible way in which the town centre could develop following these principles.

View the plan HERE

Homes England will hold further consultation events showing more detail as it develops. Please sign up to the Northstowe Twitter and Facebook pages to get updates.

Register your interest in business space HERE