Northstowe will have the capacity to deliver in the region of 11,000 jobs to the local community and the Greater Cambridge area.  The largest employers will be education, healthcare and retail, with a whole host of other sector jobs as well.

Northstowe will provide residents and people from the surrounding villages, with a range of employment opportunities revolving round the office, research & development and light industrial. The new town centre will also deliver the kind of jobs associated with any vibrant destination - a mix of retail, food and drink, health and community related opportunities.

But it doesn’t stop there. It is estimated that Northstowe’s place in the wider Cambridgeshire community will help create 12,000 construction jobs and an additional related 6,500 due to the town’s effect on the regional supply chain. Employment gains through the commercial development of Northstowe will be worth in the region of £700 million to the UK economy.

The Cambridge Compass Enterprise Zone will play a part in growing new and existing businesses.  Backed by Government it offers reduced business rates and is excellent news for the wider local economy. Making sure jobs are attracted to new developments is really important so people have a choice to work near to where they live.

The Enterprise Zone will also help stimulate other local services and create a thriving community to benefit new and existing residents of neighbouring villages.

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