Northstowe has the concept of sustainability at its heart. Both its open spaces and buildings are conceived to enhance biodiversity creating green corridors all around that link to the wider Cambridgeshire area. 

It will support a low carbon community lifestyle with buildings that use less energy, provide carbon savings and are economic to run.  It will also have fibre optic connectivity, great public transport and electric vehicle charging points.

Nature will never be very far away to the residents of Northstowe and this will help to promote health and wellbeing.  Northstowe is dedicated to protecting and enhancing biodiversity by creating green corridors that link to the wider landscape and which provides a place for people to enjoy and relax.

In fact, it is the landscape and green infrastructure of the natural land in and around Northstowe that has helped inform the layout of the town, integrating both green spaces and waterways into the mix for people to enjoy and relax in.

Northstowe will be protected by environmental features built in such as  Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) used to manage surface water through a series of ponds, open swales, alongside roads and within green spaces, protecting the town from major flood events – well above the normal development standard. These ponds and swales will also feature as part of the open space provision at Northstowe that will provide fantastic leisure routes and trails for all to enjoy.

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