As with any thriving town or village up and down the country, it’s the people that will form the beating heart of Northstowe.  It will be a new community that will integrate with neighbouring towns and villages contributing to life right across Cambridgeshire.

Northstowe will have its own unique community.  Friends and families drawn together around the reality of town life with all the amenities and facilities they could need on their doorstep.  It will foster a strong, diverse culture and promote a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle through connectivity with walking, cycling, jobs that are close to homes, lifetime homes and leisure and sports facilities.

Schools, including nursery and pre-school, healthcare, GP surgeries, pharmacy, recreation, community facilities and shops are all factored into one place.  Being a town nestled into South Cambridgeshire’s surrounding rural community, some of these facilities such as the a thriving town centre, or local town square markets, will also provide services for other nearby communities allowing Northstowe to become an ideal hub and a destination for the wider community to enjoy.

As well as being a great place for people to call home, Northstowe will provide for a mixed and balanced community with an accent on health and wellbeing. The new town has been planned to provide great spaces for formal and informal recreation in both sport and play. The outdoor spaces, varying in size and character, will cater for all age groups.  And, like all the amenities, they will be built with the input of the emerging community’s needs at heart.

Civic spaces will play their part too in the creation of Northstowe, allowing festivals, farmers markets and all manner of ‘pop up’ attractions to provide opportunities to shape the culture and community of this soon to be vibrant new town.

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